The TM Book Project
Help Us Create New Special Editions
About the TM Book Project There is so much valuable information in the 466-page The TM & TM-Sidhi Book that the authors are independently developing shorter, more focused editions for different communities and interest groups—children, the elderly, indigenous peoples, translations, national editions, and more. We have already produced a Nepal Edition , which is being used by the Nepali school system, where TM is already established on a national basis. The compact Research Summary Edition is also part of this project, providing just over 100 pages of scientific research on TM and related programs, based on the 80+ research studies in The TM & TM-Sidhi Book . Future editions are planned for various national, ethnic, and indigenous communities around the world. Some of these people are in serious need of support, and special editions can help show local authorities how the TM-based programs can quickly improve the quality of life and individual health of their people. Your can help guide and provide this life-supporting information to alleviate stress and suffering for people everywhere. Donate or Contribute Tax-exempt charitable donations to the Global Projects for Peace can be earmarked for specific programs planned or under way. Please click the Donate button below to visit the Global Projects site and explore the work they are doing around the world. You can also become part of the team and support the TM Book Project directly, to help the authors and editors produce new books and editions as described above. These contributions are not tax-deductible (Fairfield Press is not a charity organization recognized by the IRS), but we believe that our growing selection of focused TM Book editions can materially benefit dozens of different communities and sectors of society, in the US and around the world. Any amount can help, and we sincerely appreciate your generosity. All identified donors will receive a signed sticker to place inside their TM Books, and a personal letter of gratitude from the authors.
For more information about these programs, please send an email to and we’ll get back to you promptly.
Donations to the Global Projects for Peace are IRS tax-deductible.
Friendly contributions directly to the TM Book Project are not deductible.